So, you’ve been pursuing music, modeling, photography, or whatever (underground) for the past 5+years of your life, but you have no bio?Why is that? Every job applicant with serious ideas on employment understand they need a resume. An artist bio is a resume. You need to have some collective, updated, bio story that can tell anyone who is inquiring about you as an artist everything they need to know.

Now, a bio for an artist isn’t going to be some lengthy book – but it will give those who inquire the vital background to your quest to enter the music industry, how you got involved in music, who inspired you, what projects collectively you’ve completed, # of downloads, quotes from important people in the industry describing your talent/work, and importantly what you’re working on currently as well as how to contact you.


1. Short Artist Bio – This is a very short project – very affordable – and its something that an artist may have to share with media representatives for media exposure. It’s also something that can be used on albums, promo material, and even web and blog sites. YOU NEED THIS.

2. Artist Press Kit – This is the COMPLETE packaged you. Press kits include : bio sheet w/picture – artist music press release letter – and the current promotional album of the client. Press Kits are normally what are asked for from radio stations and venues that will get your music heard. This is very affordable as well.

3. Label Artist Bio/Press Kit Packages  – I advise labels to purchase this package because you will save money. All of your artists will have bios or press kits completed for over 15% cheaper than purchasing them one by one. Also, having all artists get a bio done by the same service could do well for your website and just having consistent written pieces on your artists across the board.

4. Article Write Ups For Magazines – You can get a section in a magazine but you need something short written? Yep, I’m the writer to hire.

5. Artist Exposure – Promo/Marketing– Have a budget and looking to recieve some promotional, performance, features, dj hosting, club spins, or\and street team asssitance with your music OUTSIDE of N.C.? I can work with you to link you to getting some distribution in other cities in the U.S. Check with me about current opportunities by emailing me.


A: I’m a very precise writer. Not only did I publish books of my own, like REALLY chunky novels, but I’ve worked in internet radio, designed interview outlines, and transcribed air wave interviews for blogs, been in administration for over  10 years, and I JUST HAVE A WAY WITH WORDS. Plus, I’m affordable, and I understand the music scene completely. So if you want affordable, PRECISE, fast and easy bio projects complete – come shop with me! Very easy process.



A. I’m very well connected to many people in the music industry – mainstream and independent. I work with people across the country on writing projects – and have a very clear idea how to approach teams for marketing opportunities. You want someone who knows the art of journalism to approach people in the music industry via internet pathways – email – social networks etc who actually knows how to put things in words. Also, I’m a one stop shop. By hiring me for your writing needs, as well as your promotonal needs, I have a clear understanding of my client’s history and background in order to represent them in inquiring about music opportunities. Take a look at the list of people I’ve worked with in radio and journalism.

To inquire about these services simply EMAIL me at authorchakara@gmail.com with BIO in the subject line – Your email will be returned promptly.



  1. jdobypr November 2, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    Chakara is very professional and an exceptional writer. I am VERY happy with her work and proud to have her as a contributing writer for us at The Hype Magazine (http://gethypeonline.com). You will see several of her articles in our December 24 issues of giving as well as the items she has already published to our blog.

    Jerry Doby
    Executive Editor
    The Hype Magazine

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