Fallon Stevens and Regina Moran have been friends since the beginning of time, but in “Life’s Gamble” their friendship is just starting to rekindle. Fallon, derived from a small corner in the ghetto, raised by a sickly grandparent, and accompanied by a brother who can’t seem to beat the judicial system of his life depended on it. Regina, is quite the opposite. She’s been handled silver spoons since she was born, from her very wealthy father and siddity mother. The two women share their stories of lies, deciet, and dishonor by those who they put every amount of trust and love they owed into.

Fallon comes to her humble knees after being held gunpoint, at 9 months pregnant, by gunmen who invaded her home – shared with her notorious druglord boyfriend, Jersey. She has to make an escape fast, and the only friend she can run to is Regina. Even though the two women hadn’t spoken in years, Fallon realizes it’s time to rekindle their friendship and reach out for help. Regina, residing in Charlotte N.C., hides from her family the fact that she stripped her entire way through college – in order to purchase the largest luxurious strip club in Charlotte, along with a former stripper friend Lyza. She also hides from her family,her affair with a mature gentlemen, who will have news that Regina will not be able to deal with.

Will the two women reunite, and will both of their closets eventually topple over with bones? You have to read in order to find out.

Life’s Gamble has been read by book clubs all across NC, in FL, CA, and even Texas and the reviews are bone-chilling. Its available to purchase on this site, through


Right now its only available for KINDLE

Fiction – Suspense – Crime – Sex – Dual Told Tale – 320 pgs.

Stay tuned to its newly revamped cover release later this year.



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