Fallon Stevens, 20, does everything she can to keep her dream of living happily ever after alive and well. She starts by giving her all, including her rare virginity and loyalty, to Southeast Raleigh’s most notorious street hustler and drug lord, Jersey Squires, 23. From trap invasions to prostitution ring affiliation, Jersey does everything classified under “no good”, in history of illegal game. He brings in heavy work and spends money like “running water” on those he claims to really “love”, especially his main priority and main chick, Fallon.
The east coast’s largest drug mob, made up of some faithful Arabians, who camouflage in hood convenient stores and other enterprises that eat off of the poor, appoint Jersey as their right hand man. To minimize the self-inflicted attention from the Feds and other unknown enemies, the notorious mob men supply Jersey while Jersey supplies many large regions of NC, SC, and Miami, Florida. Predictably a wave of “hate” from Jersey’s own hood, begins to spread like wildfire. Fallon has enough issues of her own, like coming from, “little to nothing” parent-less, in Lincoln Terrace, the biggest government ran housing complex of downtown Raleigh, N.C.. She truly values the unconditional upbringing of her poor grandmother, Sharon, 70, who has more wisdom in her speeches than food in her refrigerator.
The judicial setbacks from her only misguided brother Andre, 16, adds more insanity to Fallon’s life. She just wants a way out. So the hard dreams begin. Despite the wicked crook way of living, Fallon Stevens desperately stands by, Jersey being “her only chance at having something”. Little does she know, Jersey has a very big secret, and his secret might just be turning into a blackmail affair. There are so many snakes in the grass, in Hard Dreams, that one can’t help but to wonder which snake will actually succeed in ending the wishful fairytale.
Must read to find out!
Available to order hardcopy on Amazon.com
Fiction- Crime- Suspense- Mystery- Sex
322 pages

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