Chakara is a outspoken, quirky, weird, passionate, wacky wording, fiction author who explores her writing talents in more ways than just one. Publishing “Life’s Gamble” in 2009 helped Chakara to realize that self publishing has many different compartments. Being born and raised in Raleigh, NC, Chakara found very quickly that opportunity exists exactly where a person creates it.

Creating her own lane, with sassy written street novels, Chakara was able to get the love of lots in her city, let alone her state. Non-traditional marketing plans, of long nights at tables of night clubs, restaurants, and even near college sites helped Chakara to spread the word of her creativity. Mom’s and pop’s business’s around Raleigh, Durham and even as far as Philly accepted her book’s displays and that too enticed her fanbase to want to know more about her work ethics.

Chakara started “Own Your Dream” , along with a business associate, in which inspired children to claim their dreams and go for them. “Own Your Dream” has hosted three solid events in the Raleigh/Durham area, mainly focusing on families in need.

Sister Chemistry was a camp created by Chakara, that was contracted through Passage Homes for women back in 2011, where she meet with women of all different backgrounds on helping them to claim their lives as successful again.

Last but not least, Chakara co-hosted of a very explict adult hip hop/entertainment blog talk show, called “Chocolate Girl Radio”. This show supports entertainment and music in the underground industry. They display not only their personal thoughts on daily life topics, but they also break underground artist music every Tuesday and Friday nights. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chocolategirlradio 8PM Eastern Time. Chocolate Girl Radio has been discontinued.

Chakara now writes as a contributing writer for “Session Magazine” available in RDU Walgreens as well as subscribing from the site thesessionmagazine.com.

Chakara continues to work HIV/STD public health and pursuing her degree in Business Administration. Hopefully you will support Chakara’s novels, while she continues to support her community. For any information contact authorchakara@gmail.com


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