The ‘Side Chick’s’ Delusional Concept of ‘Winning’

18 Apr

The ‘Side Chick’s’ Delusional Concept of ‘Winning’


Somehow or another the phrase ‘side chick’ has spread like wildfire in today’s relationship conversation. With my steady presence on social networks, I’ve noticed that there are even self-proclamations of being side chicks, yelled from the mouths of women who have no shame. Indeed, these are attractive women, some with their cards in a row – college degrees and even careers. The willingness to label oneself a side chick, screams of ‘this illusion of a win’, but my question today – remains – how can that be?

The Side Chick Who Wins – A Definition Pulled From Hell

He still owns her. I mean that’s what I get out of this assumed side chick definition. A ‘side chick’, is a woman [or woman pretender] who purposely masks her feelings somewhat – in a discreet manner – to assume the position as a man’s side piece of whatever [ass, compassion, entertainment, friendship]. She remains faithfully on second base, awaiting her moment during special holidays, birthdays, event days, for her ‘charming man’ to come and give her seconds – of absolutely everything. She enjoys being second ‘first’.

The Convincing of Self Victory

Now, while the self-labeled side chick, sits away in her corner, of mischief, waiting on her turn for affection, or back shots – shall we? She has convinced herself that, the person she likes so much to accept ‘second’, is better off being her ‘hidden lover’, because she gets more space. *Blank Stare*. Today’s side chick convinces themselves that they’ve already won. This is a coping mechanism to deal with all of the delayed opportunities she gets – and will continue to receive – to the man with excuses out of the ass. To cope with any ‘idea of getting angry’, which would actually prove a ‘defeat’, the ‘side chick’ is convinced that she has won control over the situation, by not allowing her feelings to get involved.

Why Are Side Chick ‘Wins’ Are Delusional Thoughts?

Second, cannot be victory. In fact, if there is already a winner, you can’t win to. See, while you explain your freedom to move around, without the breathing of a man down your neck – you still remain on call. Anytime a man can place you on call, you’re not in control. To believe that being a side chick is a ‘controlled’ victory, of discreet ‘bad girl things’, is delusional. How you gone win, when you ain’t right with in? Perfect hip hop quote [Lauryn Hill] to pull into that, because it’s true. Now, whether you enjoy being second, and slurping up seconds, well, that’s your choice in the matter. All I’m saying is you can’t win a race that never started. Toodles.

Xoxo Chakara


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