I Love Beyonce But, I’m Not ‘Bowing Down’ – I Refuse

21 Mar


Just ask my mother how many countless nights I’d sit in my crammed room, on my old twin bed, with my old Barbie radio, with some jacked up old tape of hers, tissue stuffed its corner, awaiting Destiny’s Child singles on the local radio countdown – to record for my own pleasure. I had no job, we had little money, ok? I wasn’t buying albums, but I was a loyal fan to Destiny’s Child. I loved Kelly especially. There was something about that chocolate brown skin member of groups that I could identify with (shoutout to the lead singer of 702). Anywhoo. At 30 years old presently, I grew up with the likings of Destiny’s Child. I grew up to the many critic whys – Why is Beyonce always the lead? Why doesn’t Kelly get to sing? Why did they drop her from the group? Why? Why? – and quite PROUDLY – with my recorded singles on my tape IN HAND – I defended Bey. Why? Because she can sing. Why? Listen to her voice, its completely angelic, and no one sounds like her. Why? She’s gorgeous! That’s why!? Leave Beyonce alone! So through the years – the Destiny’s Child group began to diminish – going from four girls – to replacing two girls with two new ones – to dropping one and ending at three girls. STILL a fan – jacked up tape in hand. I even remember buying my first Destiny’s Child album, with my own money, earned from some part time job while in high school.

Where are you going with this Chakara?

Glad you asked. Well. Beyonce just released her first track off her upcoming album titled “Bow Down Bitches (I Been On)” – Houston Texas screwing her voice – and talking cash junk on her track to the unknown Haters – I suppose. I think I woke up – still naked prancing around my room – scrolling down my phone when I peeped the announcement.

AS THIRSTY, as I was – I went to the directed site – gave my listening ear – and was disgusted at what MY BEYONCE was asking me to do. I mean, hold up.

The last face to face chance I had with Beyonce – as a fan – was her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey. Beyonce admitted that sometimes she’s tempted to read fan comments on social networks (twitter etc). She admitted having this need for fan-validation, of some sort. I thought that announcement of pure humility was cool, natural – no sweat. So, I’m pressing play. All I know is this is not the Beyonce I fell in love with. Seems to me that she had allowed the negative commentators supersede the love that pure fans like me, and many other actually are. ‘Bown Down B*tches’ sounds like something inspired from a place that’s dark and childish. We’ve all been there, though. Haters talking, we tell ourselves NOT TO SAY anything – everything builds up then – BOOM we respond. She responded. Instead of wounding the souls of the many people who are always talking Beyonce-DOWN, she disappointed the fans who never left her side. I don’t appreciate that Bey.

Therefore, I will not be bowing down. I refuse. I love you Beyonce, but I gotta roll on this one. PLEASE NOTE: I’m sure she doesn’t care, lol . Just sayin.

xoxo Chakara


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