I Watched A Woman Kill Her Daughter……

2 Oct

 I watched a woman kill her daughter.

No lie.

Right before my very eyes. The baby didn’t stand a chance.

She was only twelve, and extremely beautiful. The look of pure innocence.

And every single day….I saw her “womanhood” fading away.

She was being murdered by her mother. Every single day of her pre-teen livelihood.

This is what I saw —


I saw her mother glorify her “outer appearance” instead of her inner talents. She bragged about the beauty on the outside of her daughter :: instead of the beauty life and smarts was creating in the inside.

She was ripping her esteem into shreds.

I saw her mother make mistakes and choices at the 6th grade conscious level – over and over – without a care or explanation in the world to tell her daughter . She kept her guessing. She kept her daughter lost.

She was ripping her morality into pieces.

I saw her mother imitate Jessica Rabbit, by seducing any silly rabbit fool who fell victim to her “manipulating” spider web  – of using her body for cash and her looks for look-outs. She flaunted her sex workers in the company of her own daughter.

She was slicing her daughter’s idea of “love” into bits of nothings.

I watched her mother slam doors – opportunities – and attempts of her child’s “so-called” deadbeat father – cutting off any desire for a “father figure” – burning inside of the soul of the pre-teen girl.

She pumped two shots into the child’s sense of “respect for herself”..

I watched a woman kill her daughter.

She killed every bit of  joyous celebration the child could ever begin to develop.

She killed every sense of “the right” thing , necessary for a young woman to understand in order to be a great woman.

Now the society is left to pump life into what the mother took from her own daughter.

I hope what you learned from this short story is simply not to judge but for us women to watch our actions in front of our daughters. Not up to the fathers. Its up to us.

I often have to even remind myself :: by far I am not perfect.

Let’s not kill our daughter’s precious jewel filled insides. Let them be amazing ::  as God planned.

Love our daughters.




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