Why Black People Piss Me The F+ck Off When It Comes To HIV/AIDS

11 Sep

First let me give you my reason for such a SPARK of a converstation:

There was a woman murdered just a day or so ago – by a man she disclosed her HIV status to. While we don’t know many details like 1) Was the sex unprotected? 2)Was this their first time having sex with one another? 3)Had her mate “ever” been tested before? 4)What was his status?

All we know is a woman said after sex:

“I’m HIV positive.”

And she was stabbed to death. Blood everywhere.

The man accused of killing her, literally had a moment of insanity and acted immediately upon her disclosure.

Now. You ask me why I’m reliving this article and I say to you – I am so tired of the world choosing to ignore the actual knowledge, language, and true factual science behind a virus that has been hurting our people for decades.

I am tired of people doing write ups on subjects they have no earthly clue about – and choose not to learn about.

The article went on to state that – the woman who was visciously killed had two children – 7 and 8 years old. The man that she had children with – was interviewed – and told reporters :

“She gave me HIV also.”

The person writing the damn article wrote that in the article as well.

Not giving a fuck that the man killed the woman and stated:

“She killed me so I killed her.” (right ignorantly put)

Not giving a fuck that he hadn’t even been tested  to make the child’s father’s “ALSO” make any fucking sense.

Follow me.

See the stigma and miseducation in pieces like this??? How could you not. It makes no sense. But since America is so shook in their boots behind the word “HIV”

1)They’d rather type articles up like this that sound pure foolish.

2)Blurt whatever a heart full of fear thinks about HIV; spitting out incorrect statements about its science and transmission.

Here is FACTS:

1)When the woman admitted she had HIV- her partner (the man who stabbed her to death immediately) did not know his HIV status.

2) If you are ever in a worst case scenario – as this one – and slept with a person who admits to you they are positive the NIGHT of the sexual encounter – YOU can go to your local emergency room – and be TESTED, as well as given a HIGH dosage of HIV/AIDS medications to decrease your risk of being infected at such an EARLY stage (didn’t know that huh?)

3) The man stated “She killed me. So I killed her.” INCORRECT. Although, giving someone HIV is a gruesome and totally wrong act – HIV in 2012 is NOT a death sentence. You’d be surprised how many people you know who have this virus. Protect yourself – but know your facts.

But moving right along –

Black people piss me the f+ck off when it comes to HIV/AIDS Education.

You know why?

Cause we’re the ones I serve at work. We’re the ones coming in here – the mothers – the fathers – brothers – sisters – children – and even babies – with these new diagnoses – ASHAMED of what they are to their families.

We are turning our own backs on our own blood – not giving a fck about educating ourselves to say – “Well, damn – I’ve known my brother all my life – why do I need to stay away from him? Not touch, hug him? Let me learn more about this virus.”

We turn our nose up at the man with HIV – not understanding we’re raising young promiscuous little girls – with afternoon eyes glued to their television screens at the video chicks they want to be like. Not understanding that we turn our nose up –  yet set our girls up to meet a man who has HIV – but he’s too “hip” and has too much “swag” – to get a job – which in return will give him health insurance to stay on top of his health.

Or he’s too full of swag to go into a free clinic and get a check up.

They are out here. We see them every single day.

Free clinics are in your neighborhood – and DSS workers are walking around your neighborhood with condoms begging you to use them – and what happens?

Chlymydia rates continue to rise. Syphillis numbers go up. Teenage pregnancies continue.

But yet we have so many (twitter) jokes about it huh?

Don’t even know your own status yet you clown the known status of another human being.

“As long as I dont say the word HIV or be around anyone I know who has HIV I’ll be okay.”

But – “I’ll f+ck a bunch of bad b+tches – my girl can have a girlfriend – I’m a paid side b+tch – all I want is his di+ck and his money – I ain’t got the AIDS – but let me point and laugh at who has is – I’mm a treat n+ggas how they treat me – I love raw sex – I can give the best head –


Meanwhile, men prison rates of transmitting the virus is going up.

So many carry it. Its the mindframe that so many adapt from music and entertainment. Still people have to be begged to be tested. Our people. My black people.

Men leave prison with a virus that its no way in HELL they can tell anybody abouteveryone will look at them funny.

Their girlfriend of many years – in whom is providing somewhere for him to come to once he gets out – may leave him.

He’ll keep it a secret.

And it will become a secret weapon of mass destruction – infecting whoever wants the “D”.

What in the John Brown HELL is wrong with my people?

Folks better wake up.

There are free HIV testing sites EVERYWHERE – that are of NO cost to whomever.

Boy, girl, man, woman, child.

No insurance needed. Take this link and LEARN more about a virus that is affecting atleast ONE person in your family.


It only makes perfect sense to do so.

Thank you.


3 Responses to “Why Black People Piss Me The F+ck Off When It Comes To HIV/AIDS”

  1. jdobypr September 14, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    Reblogged this on The Urban Link and commented:
    This is not just for Black People!

  2. Lauren I. Ruiz September 22, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    I enjoyed this, and I agree with you. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  3. Sam November 5, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    You are definitely right about the role models out there not pushing the right messages hard enough. I’d love to see some of the top name artists pushing issues like this, not in a phoney way but in a raw way just like they do so many other things. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect the older generation of artists 35+ to push because they should understand it more now they have kids of their own but there’s nothing to stop people coming right out with it when they’re fresh to the scene. Look at what TLC did.

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