Bill Clinton’s Speech: An Easy Recap For A Clearer Understanding

6 Sep

Hello people.

I thought this blog post would be helpful for your voting perceptions. I mean – some of us have the eyeballs of children – that wonder – and can’t seem to stay focused on a television show or movie for that matter.

Maybe you missed the speech – and just want a heavy hitting highlighted recap of what was said.

I mean, Bill Clinton used speech tactic of pure genius. He not only balanced genuine personality – and humor – but he laid facts and clear understanding of the policies the Republican party to those who may not understand all of the “political jargon”.

I’m here to deliver them to my people.

I think its pretty important that you understand CLEARLY what he said.

Just so that you can march up to the polls on November 6th (or early voting) – and fill in your ballot with a “sure” conscience”.

This is just a list of statements provided by President Clinton – A MUST SHARE.

1. Clinton began confirming the head-on-straight – sensical personality our current president – Barack Obama owns. He joked but remained serious about Obama’s “Cooperative” personality. He stated that Obama was 1) Still committed to constructive cooperation – just like when he was elected in 2008

2) He gave examples of his “Constructive Cooperation” – by listing many Republicans and opponents Obama appointed to handle things during his administration:

  • Obama appointed Republican secretary of state defense, army, and transportation.
  • Obama appointed the VP who ran against him in the primary back in 2008 as trusted overseas that troops returned from the war in Iraq (Joe Biden)- who in return successfully completed his duties and promise of bringing troops home.
  • Obama appointed several members of the Cabinet who actually supported Hillary.
  • Obama even appointed Hillary Clinton – another opponent – to the National Security Team.

WHAT DID THIS PROVE? – These descriptions of “Constructive Cooperation” signaled out to the world that  – and I quote (Bill Clinton) – “Democracy doesn’t have to be a blood sport, but an honorable enterprise that advances the public interest.”

Bill touched on how Michelle Obama and Joe Biden were deeply dedicated to supporting military families, and veterans of war – in search of needs and care. He topped this portion of the speech off with this phrase “Inclusion Partnership Over Partisanship”

Bill then did the UNTHINKABLE – almost a #DNC2012 Slam Dunk.  He gave the Republican Party’s argument for re-election.

Their Argument To Be Re-Elected“We left him(Barack) a total mess. He hasn’t cleared it up. Fire him and put us back in.”

(if that doesn’t make you laugh…)

Bill Clinton tells us that the Republicans want to do this:

  1. Implicate the same policies that put us into a mess.
  2. Cut taxes much higher than Bush.
  3. Increase defense spending 2 trillion times more than what the Pentagon even requested.

Bill doesn’t produce a biased speech – no he actually goes on to praise Republicans who were with the idea of “Constructive Cooperation” – that he had worked with in his past.

  1. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to integrate Little Rock High School.
  2. President Eisenhower also built the Interstate Highway system
  3. When Clinton was governor, he worked with Reagan in the White House on the welfare reform.
  4. Clinton worked with Bush on National Education goals as well as National Disaster.

“Solving problems – seizing opportunities, and not fighting.”

“Politics of consistent conflict is good, but good politics doesn’t work in the real world. In the real world , what works is “cooperation”.


  1. Enormous cuts in programs that help middle class & poor children

Meaning, things like Pre-K, food nutrition programs that provide healthy lunches in schools/snacks for your children, parks, recreation – all of the things our future needs to be strong-minded and successful adults.

Here is Obama’s Re-Election Argument (explained by Clinton):

  • Obama inherited a deeply damaged economy. On his journey on a long road of recovery, he laid foundation for a modern – well-balanced economy – that will provide new jobs – new businesses – and the idea of “shared prosperity”.
  • Obama admits that the economy is NOT where we need to be, and that he is NOT satisfied with stopping now.
  • When Obama started the economy was in a “free fall” – losing 750,000 jobs a month.
  • With Obama’s Recovery Act – once it kicked in – the job losses stopped. Things began to turn around.
  • Taxes were cut for 95% of the American people.
  • In the last 29 months – 4.5 Million private sector jobs have been created. Even with the Republican’s “buying out” Obama’s job plan – costing us 1 millions jobs.


Bill goes on to give reference to the other outstanding marks Obama has made during his first term:

  • 4.5 Million new private sector jobs
  • The highest increase since the 1990’s of manufacturing jobs – created by saving GM and Chrysler
  • Currently 250,000 MORE people working in the auto industry than before
  • Begun the plight of making our economy energy independent – which will eventually cut everyone’s gas (transport) bills in half – by doubling our car mileage.
  • Renewable energy has doubled.
  • Although there are more jobs to create, there are 3 million jobs that are open and need to be filled – Obama plans to support Employers and Community college to get our economy to fulfill these job openings.
  • Obama’s plans pass the “Arithmetic” test as well as the “Values” test.
  • Currently, we have been demoted on the list of “Percentage of Young People With Degrees” to 16th in the nation. With Obama’s Student Loan Reform Act – this will change.

Here is a closer look at the Obama Student Loan Act and what it will do for our economy:

  1. Lower rates of student loans for students – offering a fixed rate up to 20 years.
  2. No one will have to drop out of college due to the inability to pay back student loan debt.
  3. Teachers, firefighters, etc will be able to accept modest jobs – and will not have to turn them down due to small salaries – because their college debt will determine their salary.

Classic quotes pertaining to what Obama has done (via Clinton)

“With all of my heart, I believe.” – Bill Clinton

In summary, the Republican party deems Obama’s Healthcare plan as a “disaster”. Eh? Well Obama-Care – as they jokingly describe it will do this for your families :

  1. You children between 19-25 – still in college – will be able to be covered on your healthcare plans.
  2. Seniors will still be able to receive services via Medicare – to stay up to date with preventative care screenings etc.
  3. Insurance companies will try to compete and in result lower their premiums offered to clients.
  4. People with pre-existing conditions will not be turned away for insurance.
  5. Medicare will get a longer life term securing it until the year 2024

If Romney’s elected – this is what will happen to Medicaid/Medicare ( a huge service our  young poor children and seniors depend on).

  1. Medicare will go broke 8 years earlier than planned by Obama – it will end in 2016.
  2. People with pre-existing conditions will be turned away.
  3. Our senior citizens will not be able to get all of necessary preventative services they need to increase life longevity.
  4. Our poor children will be fighting for health insurance.

Other  plans of the Romney camp include:

  • Reducing debt by giving a 5 trillion tax cut to upper class – and doing away with tax loopholes. Things like tax write-offs will not be available – charity donations etc.
  • In result of cutting taxes on the upper class and substituting that cost with doing away with “tax loopholes” – the middle class tax bill will go up an average of $2,000 per year.
  • Cuts to things like clean air, national park, Pell grants, children nutrition will go in effect.
  • The economy will weaken at a frightening pace.

Things you must remember before heading to the polls.

  1. Before Clinton came into office – American Debt had been quadrupled by Republicans in office.
  2. The Republicans did not value to the lesson of “Arithmetic” failing to produce numbers that add up.
  3. In the last 2 years – Healthcare – of all Americans has been under 4% FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 years.
  4. Since 1961 – Republicans have ruled in office 28 years to the Democrats – 24 years. In a total of 52  years – 66 million private sector jobs have been created. So what’s the score? Republicans created 24 million of those jobs – Democrats created 42 million. (That’s nearly double)
  5. Poverty, discrimination, and ignorance restricts growth.
  6. All In This Together – Democrats / You Are On Your Own! – Republicans

Now ‘ not here to sway your vote – but I do understand that people need things outlined for them in a way that they can truly consume it all – understand it.

Now make your way to the early voting polls or BE EXTREMELY ready on November 6th to put someone in office who values the American values, ethics, cooperation, and family.

VOTE WISELY. The future is counting on you.


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