5 Types Of Women Its Okay For A Man To Leave And Never Return To

6 Aug

This world is so man-driven – that in every relationship situation we like ALWAYS assume its the dude’s fault.

Men NEVER catch a break – but PERSONALLY I don’t believe that ANY human being should force themselves to co-exist with someone who doesn’t fulfill them completely.
If this means, a man must leave a woman to be happy then that is exactly what I mean. A man who has made no marriage commitment – in my eyes – is not obligated to STAY with any woman.


1 kid.

3 dogs.

I don’t care.

You are not obligated.

This is why. Every single human being makes mistakes – including commitment. No one is exempt, and just because he’s MAN – who once held the glue of a household together – he is not obligated to soak in his own self provoked torture – by waking up in a household – or returning to a relationship – day after day that is

Draining – complaining – aggravating – non-lucrative – and basically held together by threads of bullsh+t.

I have a daughter .



I’d keep it straight up with him. Peace of mind is priceless. You guard yours like a treasure. Once you lose it you lose you.

There are women in this world who do not deserve your love.

There are women in this world who will try to lay guilt on you to obligate your love to them.

People don’t talk about it – because it’s not expected for a man to dish out something as – I GUESS – emotional as this.

Just leave it to my gangsta-feminine fingers right?

5 Woman That It’s Perfectly Okay That You Leave Alone

  1. The One Who Doesn’t Respect Your Upbringing – So many females are like this. I know them. I’ve worked with them. I’ve met them. I’ve been out with them. This female isn’t okay with what her mate comes from – so you’ll even see mini – attempts of her altering his thinking. Now, its nothing wrong with “upgrading” a man’s way of thinking in a way – but there is a kind – more caring way to do it. A woman who is shoving another perception into your mind – is a woman who doesn’t respect how you – see things. “No baby, we should do it like this. No, I was taught it goes like this. No, if we do it that way it won’t be right. ” Certain things to that effect may be said. These are things you need to notice off the bat. HOW I SEE IT – this type of long-term relationship with a person will produce many arguments down the long run. A person who isn’t comfortable with the beliefs YOU were given when raised – will keep doing-saying things that will build on your angry side. 
  2. The Hoe – Simply put. Straight up. For a MAN – any female who cheats on you with another man – during the time you all were supposedly perfectly happy – LEAVE HER. ASAP – Collect your $200 at Go and get the fck on. Trust me on this. Any woman who can fake being happy with you in a relationship – you do nothing wrong to her – and she fcks another man – has absolutely no feeling for you brother. Women are emotional creatures – we do have heavy consciences. A HAPPY woman – of no suspicion will keep her vagina to herself – and only share it with the man she is with. No exceptions. Get rid of her, before you catch something you can’t get rid of – foreal.
  3. The Verbal Abuser – “Damn, do you do anything right?”  – “Damn, can you buy me this?” “Can you buy me that?” – “Why you have to wear that?” – “You ain’t sh+t” – “Your mama ain’t sh+t” – “Go get me this.”  – “Go get me that.” – “You are so childish/stupid/annoying.” Ugh. First of all any man with genitals should have to take this seat. Co-existing with an angry woman is a sure way to deplete your self-esteem, without even knowing it. She’ll say things that eventually you will start to believe – or things that will make you leave home to get the things you should be getting inside of the home. Until she gets her anger together you take a hiatus. You cannot be the determined – focused – stressLESS man you need to be around chaos in  your home. If there is no – major responsibility – tying you to this woman – PLEASE go . No child? Yet? RUN!
  4. The Lazy Good For Nothing Woman – Today’s woman is a go getter – because nothing is promised. If by chance you ended up with a woman who has no fire burning inside of her to make the life you both have better – you have a major problem. You should also reference my blog title “How Dating A Lazy Broke B+tch Saves Lives” (in the archives). You CANNOT afford to co-exist with a woman who doesn’t believe in making her own money. I mean if she’s filthy rich – sitting on money – dropped down from inheritance – then by all means – she may afford to be lazy. But a woman completely depending on you for everything will become stressful – heavy – and annoying. Then most importantly – you could risk knocking down whatever success empire you’ve built – if you for once fall short of being able to hold her down. You don’t deserve that. You work too hard and you deserve a woman who has her own. Point blank period. It’s perfectly okay to dip on this type of woman when you see fit.
  5. The “Can’t Think For Herself” Type – Friend always in y’all business because SHE can’t form her own conclusions – so she goes to a friend to get advice – not giving an F about exposing the personal situations y’all go through. Now I’m not saying that its NEVER okay for females to go to her friends for advice on issues – but this type of female keeps her friend updated on EVERY UP and DOWN of her relationship. There is no privacy. You are always being judged because your business is in the streets. This is not only harmful to the relationship – its ghetto as all out. No man’s relationship issues belong in the streets. Not one. This type of woman is always consulting with someone else on how SHE should feel about you – her mother – her father – her brother – best friend – coworker – whomever can give her some sound advice – she’s all ears. This woman represents a spineless kind. One whose weak when she must be strong. You as a man can’t build up her confidence – she must find it on her own. I say its fine to take a break until her attitude comes full circle, and if it doesn’t come full circle – go on about your life.

I’m mean right? Nah just realistic. Hopefully my ladies are ready for the next blog – cause I tell you the same types of things. You only live once. Do not waste your days on this planet trying to shape and form the attitudes of adults. Those have been created – long before you. It will take giant strength to change them – and even with all of the strength given – the change is not guaranteed.

Live LIFE smart.


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