50 Things Black Women Think About OnThe First Date But Will Never Admit

6 Jun
  1. Should I order a salad?
  2. I wonder how much he’s going to tip this waitress.
  3. Damn he’s fine.
  4. A phone call? In the middle of dinner? Oh hell nawl.
  5. I could so see myself having sex with him – but not yet.
  6. I wonder if he REALLY has a girlfriend on the side and just lied to get me in bed.
  7. Lord, dont let me smell his breath from over here.
  8. Was that a dick print?
  9. He better not order a damn burger, I know  that.
  10. Dammit! I didnt get to see what car he was driving.
  11. Man, I hope no one I knows walks in this restaurant while I’m here.
  12. Am I talking too much?
  13. Hope my lipstick isnt on my teeth.
  14. Damn, nice watch.
  15. He cant even look me in my eyes.
  16. Omg, I cant look at him, he’s looking me right in my eyes.
  17. I hope my cleavage sittin right.
  18. I wonder who else in (inserts city here) he’s dated….hmmm.
  19. What kind of jeans are those? True’s…mmm okay.
  20. I hope he is not a deadbeat dad on any level.
  21. We sorta look good together.
  22. Nah, I can’t be seen with him. Look at them shoes
  23. I wonder if I order a steak will he say …”I’m good. I ate earlier”
  24. Omg, no. Please stop flirting with the waitress.
  25. Is he looking at my butt ?(while walking to the restroom)
  26. I cant WAIT to have sex with him — I’mma chill though.
  27. I’ll never let him touch me. Yuck.
  28. This conversation is like pulling teeth.
  29. Damn, can I get a word in?
  30. I wonder if he takes all his women here.
  31. Oh, sh*t! I know his baby mama. FCK
  32. My mother would love him, but I can’t deal.
  33. He looks like he’d be a minute man. Lightskin too? smh.
  34. Damn, I need sex bad.
  35. If I sex him on the first date, I’d be a hoe though.
  36. Fck it.
  37. Awww, he has dimples.
  38. I wonder why I’ve never seen him out anywhere before.
  39. Oh, he hangs with _______ & _______ Ugh. Hoe alert.
  40. Yep, he wants me.
  41. His arms are cut. Sheesh.
  42. Why is he looking around like that? Paranoid?
  43. If he pay for this meal with cash – he’s a dope boy.
  44. Damn, does he “KNOW” know the waitress or something?
  45. He might be an alcoholic.
  46. Yep, he just wants to fck. Check please.
  47. I dont understand his language. Too much ebonics.
  48. Ugh, I know I shouldnt have dated a younger dude.
  49. Stop undressing me with your eyes!!!
  50. Sike, keep doing it. Cause I am too *sips drink*

Feel free to add on lol


xoxo Chakara

One Response to “50 Things Black Women Think About OnThe First Date But Will Never Admit”

  1. B June 13, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    I freakin’ love this!! Keep it up Chakara!!

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