7 Reasons Women Never Get Caught Cheating

1 Jun

This is not a bragging piece. I do not condone swapping fluids with the next “outside” man, with a penis in your bed every night. I do not, but women cheat just as much as men do. They do it in a different manner. Much more careful than the male species it seems, and quite frankly women never get caught. Sad, to say though — women cheat just as much if not MORE than men. I have no numbers to spread out on a table for you, but my spidey senses tells me that cheating goes down in the female world. Emotional creatures by nature, we CRAVE, like restless athletes — love and endearment — to quench our souls and stuff. We gotta have attention from the one we’re with. A lot of the time, the mates women choose cannot fulfill that attention for a lifetime — in marriages and longterm relationships.

Fellas, you all know. You start off going so hard like Romeo in the beginning, you capture the one you want, and then when you get comfortable some of your “extra attention” that captured that woman start to deplete. The simple things like sending flowers to work, or surprising her with a gift every now and again begin to bit by bit- disappear. Unfortunately, this opens doors for that C word — CHEATING. Yep.

Now, you take a gorgeous woman — belonging to a man who doesn’t appreciate her — or takes her through the ringer with issues and troubles — and you ask yourself. How many men does she come in contact with on a daily basis? Women are social network queens nowadays — so you ask yourself. How many men attempt to reach out to her on different avenues such as — twitter, Facebook etc. I’m here to tell you the reasons women NEVER get caught cheating. Yep I’m letting the cat out of the bag for my men folks. Simply, because somebody has to school y’all. lol

1.) The man she cheats with KNOWS she is in a relationship from the jump — Yep. Ratchet concept but she will tell him at the very beginning before ANYTHING. Why? Easy. Women cheat but they are AFRAID of problems. Not that they “don’t want” problems — they’re AFRAID of them. We understand that when men “beef” the consequences are normally much heavier than weaves being pulled and scratch marks. She is careful to let him know to respect her relationship status – forming ways to communicate with the man she’s cheating with around her relationship.

2.) She’ll meet him EVERYWHERE else but the places her man would frequent — The library, a bar out of city lines, SKYPE, that sudden trip with the “girlfriends” out the blue, a dark movie theatre that hardly gets business — You get my drift. She’ll be everywhere with him, and you’re NEVER there. Trust me. Places where she wouldn’t be recognized by anyone her man could be associated with. Plus, if her automobile stands out, she’ll park her vehicle somewhere safe and invade his car. Creep mode.

3) His Number Is Not Saved In Her Phone — Nah, its memorized. Maybe its in her text messages and that’s where she’ll reference it to call him, but she’ll NEVER save it. The old “save it under a girl’s name” has been used way to many times. Women upgrade their ways to be sneaky. Now his email might be in her google contacts, but that number isn’t. This lessens the risk of her being caught because any number not saved in her phone can ride with this excuse “I don’t even know this number” if any suspicion was to occur.

4) She’s naturally “nice” or “the same” with everyone she meets — You can’t tell whether the guy who walks by you guys in a store that she pleasantly smiles at is bending her over in his spare time or NOT — because she’s NICE to everybody. You can’t tell what the f+ck is going on. You will remain lost.

5) She will change NOTHING about her daily routine will — Why? Because she will find nooks and crannies in her day to fit in a “cheating episode”. Women keep up with their routine because they expect their MEN to check in with them. So, how can women shout “check in with me each day!” when they’re not abiding by the same principles. You’ll call her on her lunch break and she’ll say “Yeah hunny I’m heading to lunch” and be pulling into a driveway of a residence to do the horizontal polka with some HOT man whose showing her attention at the time. = (

6) The man she is in a relationship with — IS CHEATING himself — Can’t catch her cheating because she’s cheating when your ass is cheating. That explains itself. If you’re knee-deep in some outside vagina — for ONE — she KNOWS this — which is probably why she’s cheating — and for TWO — she’ll use this time “wisely” for her own self pleasure. AND end up right back at the crib before YOU are — in bed watching t.v. like nothing ever happened. = /

7) Most MEN don’t think a woman is cheating on them if she stays the same — attitude wise — She will not argue — accuse you — or any of that if she is being happily satisfied elsewhere. See, women who cheat may have their reasons for staying in a relationship and stepping out. Even though this is something I wouldn’t choose to do — lots of women will. So, as long as she is getting her “emotional comforting fix” elsewhere — she will not worry you with nagging or anything. IN FACT, she’ll be the happiest camper because she’s getting consistent attention + sex elsewhere.

Now these are just a few things tossed out there. But I do want to remind ALL females who cheat — Karma doesn’t have favorites — in her game of duck duck goose — your ass MIGHT be the next goose. So, while I write these secrets — I do not condone cheating. In fact, I think its very harmful and selfish to expose another person to disease because you simply don’t want to be upfront about your feelings. Fellas — use these signs and conduct research in your zotdamn bedroom now. O__O Hopefully I didn’t scare you!

xoxo Chakara

2 Responses to “7 Reasons Women Never Get Caught Cheating”

  1. B June 1, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    LOVE this.

  2. luvvyboo June 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Man that’s bogus as hell….just exposed everrything….but yeah i agree karma is a bitch n if a female is cheatin on her man, trust n believe it’s his karma past due!

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