“How Dating A Lazy Broke B+tch Can Save Your Life”

15 May


Sounds crazy but listen up. I’m only going to tell you this once. Now my mother always told me; in order to find out what you really want in life, you’ll have to experience the things you don’t want. Man, was she right.

In order to hold on to something for a long time, you must truly value and appreciate it. We often let go of things way to early; due to not appreciating it enough. We’ve never experience worse than what we have. So, we’ll end up taking the best thing that happened to us for granted.

Sound like you huh? Its okay. Have you had your share of broke chicks? I mean you know the type. She doesn’t work, but entertained by all things that cost money. She’s gorgeous but her looks cant seem to nail her any steady income. She’s in the club for every single event, fly as ever, with nothing lucrative to return home to. Why? Because that’s what gets her “by”. She enjoys it. You can’t change HER & you can’t change THAT. I mean not until she’s ready.

The “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” famous saying could partially apply; but we’d need to know her body count to make that assumption. Moving right along.

Now you ask me, “Chakara how can dating a broke lazy b+tch save my life?”

A: Easy. You’ll know how to stay away from these type of females. You will not be easily reeled in by outer beauty and luscious curves. You’ll be able to spot an empty purse from a mile away.

NOW don’t you sit your *ss up her, read this blog and FRONT as if you’ve never dated the chick in need of petty expenses like a “nail fill-in, hair done, light bill paid, or cell phone.” If you’re going to do that, then the EXIT of this post is —> way.

I don’t know about any other race, but my black brothers WORK their butts off (those who actually have self dignity and all that). Most of you guys are working on building a better future, maybe for just yourself or even kids in prior relationships who count on you. Inviting a lazy b+tch into your life could cause you harm, but you must learn from all things that are bad. Do not pass up on opportunity to educate yourself on how these chicks operate.

You date a broke lazy ch+ck, and you find out all of the things that attracted her to you. You CHANGE those things about yourself, and VOILA; what you attract will increase in more pleasant keepers. Women who appreciate your hard work.

1. If all you flash is “bread”, those birds will be there to pick up the crumbs. TRANSLATION: If you are throwing money around as your “self definition”, then you have agreed to allow money to define you and those THIRSTY for it will become magnetically attracted to you. STOP IT.

2. Do not be moved by sexual THIRST of the opposite sex. I said lazy b+tches were broke, but I didn’t say they were dumb. They know exactly how to entice you. You d+ck should never replace the work of your brain. If she offers sex, don’t be an easy picker upper. Play hard to get. The right women will adore this about you. The bird b+tches will form a line, to taste you, ride you, and get what they can from you.

3. Invest in being a man not a boy. Meaning: Act like you want a woman, not a girl. Boys love money. Men understand hard work brings consistent income and longevity. Boys love sex. Men understand that the best sex is with the right woman; drama stress free.


I don’t know these are just a few things I tossed out there. We do learn from our mistakes. Being in a lifetime commitment with the wrong woman can kill off everything you worked long and hard for. Learn from these lazy no good women. Take notes. Fix your issues and wait for the bad b+tches to leap forward. I’m not talking about “bad” as in video vixen either. Boys want that. Men understand that a “bad b+tch” has covered all of the fine key points in her life; education, career, family, & self respect.


You are welcome! Now tell all of your boys to follow me @KaraPublishes!



One Response to ““How Dating A Lazy Broke B+tch Can Save Your Life””

  1. TheRealCharlieO May 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    I can read these blogs all day lol!!!!

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