Dear Trayvon Martin

26 Mar

Being the only girl of four boys growing up. This situation remains heavy on my heart. My brothers walked the streets in similar clothing, with innocence in their hearts. Either of them could have been Trayvon Martin. So, I wanted to write this letter. I mean after all, Trayvon is in a place that we all want to end up some day. God has him. I’ll let my unruly anger from injustice rest at that fact.

Dear Trayvon Martin,

I’m just a writer, but before everything I’m an African-American in the U.S. I flipped channels while resting in my bedroom, and ended up coming upon an interview including your family members; drenched in tears. Very angry souls, yet saddened by your loss. I placed my own mother on that television screen, along with my own angry close family and became at rage at such circumstances. And when your mother broke down, I felt myself starting to break down. When your uncles began to pitch their feelings with a dose of anger, I felt my blood boiling. Your death has prompted a country-wide awareness of racial discrimination, profiling, and injustice.

My country immediately became your kin. They’re marching on your behalf right now. In hoodies, angry faces, but with peaceful aim. We see you as a brother, whose life was taken without any reason. We see you as our child, who simply left to take a walk and was executed on his own free country’s soul; for nothing. We see you as our classmate, who we’ll never see at his desk working diligently to “become successful” again. We see you as ourselves; because anyone of us could have been you. We see you as someone we fight for, and we won’t rest until justice prevails.

Sure, you don’t know me, and that’s just the way its supposed to be. My neighbor is still my brother, and his injustices will still enter my household. For, I’ll be faced to relate, because there are many different “Trayvon Martins” in this world. I just only ask that you watch over your family. Although, in my heart, I have no doubt that you will not. My God, the pain your mother is probably experiencing is something that I’d never be able to endure. I look up to her for her strength during such a troublesome time. Smile using your spirit in various ways to ease the pain in this entire country; most importantly your family.

This country, your people, your race, your brothers and sisters, will bring your family a deserving gift of justice. Rest assured in that, for you are in a Kingdom made perfectly for the KING that you are. RIP Trayvon Martin.


Your neighbor.


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