23 Mar

Sound funny right?
Welp sure it does, but I can’t seem but to find this to be a true statement.

Everyone in N.C. seems to like freakin basketball, but when its comes to supporting our own “everything”, including media and music we fold. Why is that?

In order to gain support elsewhere, we must show we can support our own. Right?

You ever seen this post “Ughhhh, I hate (Inserts any random NC city here)? Welp. Sure you have. Because not only does it come in forms of social networking, its often commentary in public places.

I’m from Raleigh so I see this alot

“Ugh Raleigh is so lame…”

“Ugh Raleigh rappers are fake…”

“Ugh Raleigh clubs are boring..”

“Ugh Raleigh females are this and that…”

“Ugh Raleigh dudes are this…”

Sh*t gets redundant after awhile, because for ONE speaking something enough will make it come to be. People love to overlook the actual power of word, but Raleigh being everything but the best city in the world is what you will hear from a person born right in state lines. As long as you state such, it will come to be.

 Now sure, NC isn’t California or NY, but its our state. If we ever want to be taken seriously in any entertainment industry we gotta learn to prop ourselves.

“What’s prop ourselves Chakara?” you might ask…


HELL, focus on the GOOD in the state vs everything thats bad. Then find out how to use the many different events, celeb travels, etc that do hit our state each year to your own media/entertainment benefit.

Funny this state is so “lame” to those who are from it, yet its the 2nd largest growing capital city in the country. Soooo. Somebody likes it apparently. And guess what? They’re not Carolinians either. So we’re actually 1up.

Now, I’m not saying go out here and wave an N.C. flag proudly and support every Tom, Dick and Harry who states he has some purpose in the media/entertainment industry of N.C. No, of course not.

What I’m saying is stop putting your own state down. You were born on this soil. If this state “isn’t sh*t”, did you ever to think that you play a role in that?

Just some food for thought!





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