23 Mar


1.) THERE REAL NAME – Unless you meet a man under certain circumstances where you know his whole name, getting a whole name seems like freakin’ rocket science upon meeting a dude. “Hey how are you? What’s your name?” and he says “J.” Right. So, I’m supposed to just roll with “J” being your name and continue to share things with you? Oh no. Nicknames are for little boys. Try giving me a birth name.

2.) ABOUT A CRAZY EX – Now usually these are consistent issues in a man’s life, who will hide this information with strategy. They already know how the “ex” will react to your presence, so they will keep this from you as long as possible. Every now and again a man will disclose the fact that he has a personal stalker, but most of the time they wont.

3.) THAT THEY ONLY WANT SEX – Duhhhh. If you think a man will, you’re too damn naive in 2011. This seems like a high school tip, but a lot of women think that a man will let them know if he’s just there for sex. Nah, boo. In fact, he’ll tell you that he loves your company and everything else lovely under the sun and still be in love with what’s between your legs. Great sex can give a man the most pleasant compliments to shoot you. Oh yes. LOL

4) THAT YOU ARE BEING ANNOYING – They run immediately from it. Women will ask multiple times. “Is something wrong?” And he will say no. Will he be lying? Yes, but if he says “Yes, you’re being annoying”, then what will you do? Become more annoying. So they’d rather not. Its really simple.

5.) THAT HE’S ATTRACTED TO YOUR FRIEND – Nope. Cold as shit. I know. But, this is a guy code. This is something they’ll never do. There are signs to watch out for, but that’s another blog. Just note that if he’s attracted to your girl, then he’ll barely speak her name. He’ll barely come around you and her. Stop breaking up with men in awe when you find out he’s sleeping with your “friend”. Watch for signs, because him telling you will not pop off!

6.) THAT HE WILL PAY FOR SOMETHING YOU WANT – An offer here and there? Yeah, sure. But if there is something that you want, ask him. If he’s your boo, and really really cares for you, he’ll do it. What he will not do is volunteer to do it. He figures, if its something you want really bad that you will mention it. Valentines Day, Christmas, and your birthdays are the times to expect thoughtful gifts.

7.) THAT HIS MOTHER IS WRONG – NEVER NEVER NEVER. He’ll paraphrase “She’s wrong.” Yeah, however that works. Just note to self. He will not do it. And whatever you do, PLEASE don’t try to force him to.

8.) THAT THERE ARE ISSUES BETWEEN HIM AND HIS BOYS – Most men don’t like being associated with drama or “mess”. They never want people to believe that things are “emotionally” serious to them, to where they act out of character. So, a man isn’t going to dwell on issues between himself and friends. If something went down at the basketball court, then you’ll have to use body language observations to see that. He will not just openly bust out with it at the dinner table, and you should be cool with that.

9.) THAT HE CHEATED THE NIGHT BEFORE – If he wakes up the day after and you don’t know, then that is like bells to his ears. In fact, his whole attitude will be bright and cheery. Guilt isn’t going to weigh in on his mind over night, after getting that nut with another woman. So, don’t count on it.

Last but not least

10) HE’S HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MONEY – One word. Pride. And a whole lot of it. Disclosing he’s having issues with money is the equivalent of walking on a construction site without any pants on. Way too embarrassing. So, he will not disclose this. If you notice that he is, PLEASE be very nonchalant about it. Help, but allow him to stand on his own. Just be there as much as you can without tapping into his pride. He will appreciate that. 

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