North Carolina Native, R&B Singer Anthony Hamilton Going Country?

13 Jan

The color barrier between music genres continues to disintegrate. R&B veteran Anthony Hamilton tells The Boombox he plans on releasing a country album. When asked about upcoming projects, he reveals: “I have most of my blues record finished and the country one is next. I have maybe two or three of my country tracks done.”
He believes if it’s released strategically, people will receive it well. When speaking on bridging the gap between what’s expected of him and country music, Hamilton responds: “My vocal delivery is honest and it’s real. People know when I sing something I mean it. It’s believable, so I think I have that… That and a loyal fanbase that will ride with me and ride for me.”
For those who don’t know, black singers such as Darius Rucker, Charley Pride and the late Ray Charles record(ed) music for a Country audience. Popular urban acts including Nelly, Ludacris and Beyoncé have collaborated with major Country artists. If Hamilton is successful in his venture, can he become to Country what Rihanna is to Pop? Or Eminem to Rap?

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