Nationwide Manhunt After 4 Pardoned Murderers “Hit The Road Running” in Mississippi

13 Jan

Mississippi’s attorney general said Thursday that the state may have to issue a nationwide manhunt after four pardoned murderers left jail and “hit the road running.”

“We’ll catch ’em. It’s just a matter of time,” Attorney General Jim Hood told CNN.

The four were among nearly 200 convicted criminals to whom Gov. Haley Barbour granted clemency or a pardon in a final act before leaving office this week.

The governor’s actions have set off a legal firestorm in Mississippi.

A judge issued a temporary injunction Wednesday forbidding the release of any more prisoners. And the process of releasing 21 other inmates has been halted, said Hood, who believes the former governor put people at risk and sought the court order.

The pardons include the four convicted murderers and a convicted armed robber who were released Sunday. The five now must contact prison officials on a daily basis as their fate is adjudicated, but their whereabouts are unknown, Hood said.

A court hearing on the matter will be held January 23. … ?hpt=us_c2

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