“I’m Scared To Marry Jim Jones” Chrissy says

12 Jan
Jim Jones’ new fiance Chrissy Lampkin says that she is scared to marry the rapper, despite the couple dating for seven years.
The rapper got down on one knee – well, kind of – during a recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop after months of Chrissy hinting that she was ready to take the next step. However, it seems reality may be hitting the star as she says she is nervous about walking down the aisle as a single woman for the last time.
“Absolutely not; this is still just settling in…the whole engagement thing,” Chrissy replied when asked by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez if she had planned her engagement. She added: “Yeah, I am [nervous]. I’m scared of the wedding. A lot of planning and a lot of stuff I have to get together.”
Jim and Chrissy are also bickering over where to hold the wedding ceremony – surprisingly, Jim is traditional while Chrissy would like to go abroad.
” I’m old school; we got to go to my grandmother church and do it there then after that we can get crazy,” Jim.
Chrissy added: “Me, I could’ve done a destination wedding. A few family members and a few friends,” to which Jim responded: “My grandmother wouldn’t have allowed that.”

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