We Gotta Find Our Way Back Up Matter What.

11 Aug

I was inspired to blog about women of my kind, brown women. I mean it’s no given that we face some of the toughest issues in womanhood than any other race. Our family structure background doesn’t always match up with others, and we end up making faulty decisions in relationships, careers, friendships, and just obtaining and keeping healthy self-esteem.

In this harsh world of harsher reality, black women face issues that are unheard of. Today, I met a woman with a child whose HIV positive, and I could only imagine the pain she feels when looking in her son’s face, knowing that he contracted such a disease under her supervision.  That story carries hard enough blows to knock any woman off of her path. Hell, I wouldn’t know where to begin to begin dealing with such guilt (if any). Although, it was nothing she did physically to her offspring, it’s the guilt we carry as child bearers, when something drastically affects our offspring. I encouraged her to hang on no matter what. Black women, we are expected to fall sometimes, but get back up.

1. Whenever something worries you to the point where it offsets your motherly, friend, employee, girlfriend, wife duties, do away with that worry. Toss it out. Throw it away. A higher power sees every issue that you see, and trust he’s working on them when you are not. You have to have faith in that. 


2. Relationships are meant to make people better; stronger. They’re not meant to make you weaker or life more painful. Do away with relationships that leave you with feelings of worthlessness, disgust, loneliness, or even depression. You can’t find your way out of anything, meddling in pity and mess because of an optional relationship. I mean after all you chose to take it there. Now get yourself out of it, because it’s not contributing to the “greater” you. Life is too short.

3. As soon as you hit the ground get back up. I’m not talking about days later. I’ talking about; RIGHT THEN. I don’t care if you are still hurting in the inside. Physically pick your head up and continue your mission to be “something”. Don’t continue a mission to be “anything”. Life is worth way too much for any of that, and if you aren’t getting back up after trial, you are heading in the direction of “being nothing.”

4. Black men used to be the backbones of our communities. You know that communities where brown girls are common faces? Yeah those. Now, I believe things have changed. No, as a matter of fact I know things have change. The community depends on us to stand strong now. Think about all of the household, headed by grandmothers or women of excellence. Even our young men depend on us to be strong. Be great with that knowledge, and feel useful. Use yourself as contribution to your community in a positive way.

I just want every black woman to feel encouraged, even when things don’t feel too pleasant. Don’t show the world that, but find ways to get rid of that mental trash. Its pollution, in a mind that has the ability to be “excellent”.

Get back up when you hit the ground.


Love y’all.


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