The Fall Of Black Sitcoms, Kriss Kross, and Today’s Negative Display of ‘Young Rap’

2 May



Something in hip hop happened, very important today. I think it’s important that the hip hop culture sits down and listen. Now, hear me out, I’m no rap god, equipped with every righteous thing about hip hop, its creation, or history. So hear me out.

Chris Kelly, one half member of Kriss Kross died May 1st 2013, shaking up the memories of so many 80’s babies who were in tuned to radio, thumb-through magazines, and television sitcoms. You know the black ones? The sitcoms with countless seasons, displaying those citizens with ‘brown skin’ in a positive light – more positive than a fist fight for a ‘Reality Show Reunion’? Those. First off, I provide prayer and thoughts to the family of Chris Kelly. These are truly just my thoughts, with sadness on my heart about a piece of my childhood gone.

Now, the sensational group Kriss Kross hit Billboard charts parking their success there [at #1] for eight whole weeks. Their single ‘Jump’ was a certified double platinum hit. The Kriss Kross wave shifted our desires in fashion and style, dance, and even some empowering ‘back up’ for us kids who may have worn our clothes a little ‘different’. Back pockets were turned to the front, if you were a die-hard Kriss Kross fan. Television shows, especially AA sitcoms, sort of welcomed these artists with open arms, even with their rebel look of attire, and ‘high voltage’ produced beats. The questions that I developed while watching the Kriss Kross sitcom episode was: Where are we now? I mean, as I sat and watched the classic episode of Different World, when the group appeared as featured guests, and instead of Chris Kelly’s face in that chair, I envisioned Chief Keef’s. What happened to the writers with ideas, to help those who may be a bit off track, present themselves to the world with more sincere and ‘changed’ intentions.

I reference the very popular 90’s sitcom ‘Different World’ a Cosby production, having the two Billboard stars on the show as guest stars in a class that ‘Dwayne Wayne’ [Kadeem Hardison] played as their teacher. Dwayne noticed something wasn’t wrong with the lifestyle of Kelly, and even paid Kelly’s father a visit. Apparently, Kelly played a ‘troubled teen’ in and out of juvenile detention centers. To the world, we viewed him as popular star ‘Mac Daddy’ of Kriss Kross. There was an opportunity this ‘kid rap star’ to be presented in a way where he could help assisting in teaching a lesson to the youth about gun violence. During the clip, Kelly displayed very amped up and negative emotions about the subject of violence, and wanting to ‘kill another kid’ due to something as simple as being ‘dissed’. The two artists played ‘gang bangers’, similar to our very plentiful era of young rappers today: Chief Keef, Lil Mouse, Lil Reese, etc. Actor Kadeem Hardison gave the two artists some jewels of inspiration, using fleas in a jar as an analogy, encouraging the boys to be anything they wanted to be.

Who knows how many household living rooms this episode ‘touched’?  African American majority casted sitcoms flooded our networks at one time. Most of us kids, especially in environments way tougher than our makeup, didn’t have cable networks. The sitcoms given to us on these stations showed us our own entertainment, in a different light, giving rappers, who raised eyebrows in ‘modern society’, the chance to display themselves in a positive light. This allowed for children who thought it was ‘cool’ to listen to Kriss Kross, now see their favorite group in a manner different light, far from what people ‘may judge us to be’.

Those times vanished along with righteous female hip hop, and we welcomed the artists, and allowed media and critics to paint true images of their day to day – reality TV life. Pure entertainment it is. I don’t believe that anyone can argue that, but was nonfiction the proper ‘sellout’ to legendary acting filled black family sitcoms? Is reality TV all we have to help kids become inspired by their favorite rap artists? Did we all channel our attention to ‘real’ so much that we forgot about what those really good ‘fictive written plots’, providing many jobs for writers like myself in Black Hollywood to compose? Not stating that there isn’t any more great people trying to keep the hope of sitcom television alive (i.e. Tyler Perry), but a piece that supported hip hop is gone. Children who love hip hop are given the ‘naked eye’ of their favorite rapper nowadays, their twitter feeds and Instagram pages. They are inhaling their ‘rich lifestyle’ favorite artist’s true life, even if it’s too mature for their viewing. The founders of the group Kriss Kross, Jermaine Dupri had the right things in mind when it came to ‘image of young stars’.

See, the two boys wore clothes that hung off their bodies, extra large sports jerseys and dreads. They probably wore hoodies too. Black sitcom television had a way with incorporating ‘life lesson’ scripts and the latest youth crave. Different World used Kriss Kross, two totally ‘krossed out’ young boys with tough rhymes and cool moves. Today, can we say that media helps provide these inspiring visuals of our youth’s favorite artists? Kriss Kross members crossed over to Nickelodeon Networks, singing the ‘Rugrat’s Rap’, which was released on The Best of Nicktoons CD (1988). I didn’t misspell Nickelodeon did I? How huge is that? Now, there is no way that Chief Keef’s music could be compared to that of Kriss Kross’s. Please don’t take my comparisons too far. There was a time during hip hop, the early nineties to be exact, where young artists had boundaries as to what types of lyricism they would create.

These songs were fun, made you laugh, and really had no too-serious context in it for children. Kriss Kross’s single “I Missed the Bus”, was a hyped song about something so common and aggravating for children my age. A ten year old now, who channels their ears towards the hip hop of today’s youth, may come across a Chief Keef video on YouTube, yelling bang bang. Maybe they’ll scroll upon a Lil Mouse video, with adult women surrounding him for pleasure. Sitcoms began to die off long before the gruesome discoveries of gang banging ‘young street rap’. So don’t toss up any tales that artists didn’t support those roles. Truth of the matter is, when black television sitcoms began their extinction of being booted off networks to provide space for ‘reality shows’, so did those plentiful opportunities for positively viewed roles of today’s African American entertainers.


The ‘Side Chick’s’ Delusional Concept of ‘Winning’

18 Apr

The ‘Side Chick’s’ Delusional Concept of ‘Winning’


Somehow or another the phrase ‘side chick’ has spread like wildfire in today’s relationship conversation. With my steady presence on social networks, I’ve noticed that there are even self-proclamations of being side chicks, yelled from the mouths of women who have no shame. Indeed, these are attractive women, some with their cards in a row – college degrees and even careers. The willingness to label oneself a side chick, screams of ‘this illusion of a win’, but my question today – remains – how can that be?

The Side Chick Who Wins – A Definition Pulled From Hell

He still owns her. I mean that’s what I get out of this assumed side chick definition. A ‘side chick’, is a woman [or woman pretender] who purposely masks her feelings somewhat – in a discreet manner – to assume the position as a man’s side piece of whatever [ass, compassion, entertainment, friendship]. She remains faithfully on second base, awaiting her moment during special holidays, birthdays, event days, for her ‘charming man’ to come and give her seconds – of absolutely everything. She enjoys being second ‘first’.

The Convincing of Self Victory

Now, while the self-labeled side chick, sits away in her corner, of mischief, waiting on her turn for affection, or back shots – shall we? She has convinced herself that, the person she likes so much to accept ‘second’, is better off being her ‘hidden lover’, because she gets more space. *Blank Stare*. Today’s side chick convinces themselves that they’ve already won. This is a coping mechanism to deal with all of the delayed opportunities she gets – and will continue to receive – to the man with excuses out of the ass. To cope with any ‘idea of getting angry’, which would actually prove a ‘defeat’, the ‘side chick’ is convinced that she has won control over the situation, by not allowing her feelings to get involved.

Why Are Side Chick ‘Wins’ Are Delusional Thoughts?

Second, cannot be victory. In fact, if there is already a winner, you can’t win to. See, while you explain your freedom to move around, without the breathing of a man down your neck – you still remain on call. Anytime a man can place you on call, you’re not in control. To believe that being a side chick is a ‘controlled’ victory, of discreet ‘bad girl things’, is delusional. How you gone win, when you ain’t right with in? Perfect hip hop quote [Lauryn Hill] to pull into that, because it’s true. Now, whether you enjoy being second, and slurping up seconds, well, that’s your choice in the matter. All I’m saying is you can’t win a race that never started. Toodles.

Xoxo Chakara

Stop “Rape Victim’ Blaming – [Rick Ross Date Rape Lyric Talk]

5 Apr

victim blaming

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As women, we love hard – by mistake. Not on purpose. To be taken advantage of by a man has to be the equivalent of having a burning knife jabbed into one’s heart, one’s make-up. See as a woman, our heart ‘owns us’. We easily fall in love, because naturally we yearn for love. I’ve never been raped, but if I were raped…

Forcefully opened, for the pleasure of someone who intentionally set out to do me harm? Unwillingly added as a participant to destroy my self-dignity of a woman? You mean that, self-dignity that I had to build, carefully coming up?

I couldn’t have a say so, says critics? Are you serious? Hip Hop artists who love hot beat production in clubs, to soothe your not-so-sober egos for a ‘moment in time’ PLEASE WAKE UP. There is so much commentary about ‘who talked about date raping women first’ and how ‘Rick Ross wasn’t the first rapper to talk about that’- So much that the excuses are making me sick. Maybe if a gay rapper made a song about ‘date raping’ his homeboy after the club, and ‘he ain’t even know it’ – the hip hop critics would clench their a*s cheeks at the thought of such an episode and realize its wrongness.  Date rape isn’t funny in any setting. Whether is a rap video or lyric, it is wrong. So many women are steadily trying to rebuild their lives, piece together their walls of shame for being raped, taken of t heir free will – and people have the nerve to call them ‘over the top’ for speaking out against a rapper?

The delayed response of women, or hip hop listeners means nothing, as long as a response is finally provided. True indeed, there are many songs out there that promote things that have hurt people’s lives indefinitely, and we as hip hop listeners have naively ignored it. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s sort of detrimental to me that the upcoming future of hip hop develops the mindset to set their own trends, and speak up against their favorite entertainer, even when he’s popular. Funny thing is the ‘point the finger at people speaking up’ AA hip hop community of critics won’t buy records, but they’re riff-raffing about an endorsement that:

1)      Won’t put any food on their family’s tables; or their pockets.

2)      Is just one stream of income for their favorite Maybach general.

He’s a rapper. He’s not god. He will not always be right. It is okay to check him when he is wrong. At the end of the day, this will be remembered. The next rapper will think carefully. I consider this a hip hop plus. Anytime artists decide to grow up ….. thoughts?

xoxo Chakara

I Love Beyonce But, I’m Not ‘Bowing Down’ – I Refuse

21 Mar


Just ask my mother how many countless nights I’d sit in my crammed room, on my old twin bed, with my old Barbie radio, with some jacked up old tape of hers, tissue stuffed its corner, awaiting Destiny’s Child singles on the local radio countdown – to record for my own pleasure. I had no job, we had little money, ok? I wasn’t buying albums, but I was a loyal fan to Destiny’s Child. I loved Kelly especially. There was something about that chocolate brown skin member of groups that I could identify with (shoutout to the lead singer of 702). Anywhoo. At 30 years old presently, I grew up with the likings of Destiny’s Child. I grew up to the many critic whys – Why is Beyonce always the lead? Why doesn’t Kelly get to sing? Why did they drop her from the group? Why? Why? – and quite PROUDLY – with my recorded singles on my tape IN HAND – I defended Bey. Why? Because she can sing. Why? Listen to her voice, its completely angelic, and no one sounds like her. Why? She’s gorgeous! That’s why!? Leave Beyonce alone! So through the years – the Destiny’s Child group began to diminish – going from four girls – to replacing two girls with two new ones – to dropping one and ending at three girls. STILL a fan – jacked up tape in hand. I even remember buying my first Destiny’s Child album, with my own money, earned from some part time job while in high school.

Where are you going with this Chakara?

Glad you asked. Well. Beyonce just released her first track off her upcoming album titled “Bow Down Bitches (I Been On)” – Houston Texas screwing her voice – and talking cash junk on her track to the unknown Haters – I suppose. I think I woke up – still naked prancing around my room – scrolling down my phone when I peeped the announcement.

AS THIRSTY, as I was – I went to the directed site – gave my listening ear – and was disgusted at what MY BEYONCE was asking me to do. I mean, hold up.

The last face to face chance I had with Beyonce – as a fan – was her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey. Beyonce admitted that sometimes she’s tempted to read fan comments on social networks (twitter etc). She admitted having this need for fan-validation, of some sort. I thought that announcement of pure humility was cool, natural – no sweat. So, I’m pressing play. All I know is this is not the Beyonce I fell in love with. Seems to me that she had allowed the negative commentators supersede the love that pure fans like me, and many other actually are. ‘Bown Down B*tches’ sounds like something inspired from a place that’s dark and childish. We’ve all been there, though. Haters talking, we tell ourselves NOT TO SAY anything – everything builds up then – BOOM we respond. She responded. Instead of wounding the souls of the many people who are always talking Beyonce-DOWN, she disappointed the fans who never left her side. I don’t appreciate that Bey.

Therefore, I will not be bowing down. I refuse. I love you Beyonce, but I gotta roll on this one. PLEASE NOTE: I’m sure she doesn’t care, lol . Just sayin.

xoxo Chakara

“We Don’t Love Them Hoes”: Is Young Hip Hop Anti-Marriage?

6 Jan


“We don’t love them hoes” originated from West Coast’s king rap figure Snoop “Snoop Lion” Dogg, in the 90’s hip hop song “Gin and Juice”. Rap generations from as far back as the late 80’s have heard female degrading songs performed by African American men, which factually discourage any idea of “loving the woman”.

I’ll even take “B*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks” from his homie Dr. Dre for $500 Alex.

Often, I run across multiple tattoos along their forearm surfaces of boys [between the ages of 18-30] that read:  M.O.B. – hood acronym and additional “hip hop lingo” for the phrase “Money of B*tches”. So, I completely understand many of these young fatherless households of young African American women. Hip Hop music does help water this thought process. I also understand the sudden swirl in righteous self respecting female hip hop, into a plastic Barbie show. If only our young men and women could be wiser than Hip Hop, instead of falling into its traps of blatant disrespect.

“I crushed them hoes, I never love them hoes,” is one line from “Actin’ Up” by Meek Mill, one of the top well-known and influencing rap artists for young African American men between the ages of 18-30. The arena’s that groups like Maybach Music and other male dominated labels fill up are no lie to our eyes. What we see is what hip hop fans listen to, crave, and become excited over. Not only does most well-known street rap artists refer to women as being “hoes” and “bitches”, there are many different ethnicities of women dancing in cameo features of such videos. All of a sudden hip hop wanted “foreign women”, never mind if the local rappers who mimic never even left the country before. Meanwhile, foreign hair business is up. Comical.

Obviously, so many don’t care about what they’re referred to. Hell, I think it may even be safe to say that the African American black female fan base of street hip hop is desensitized to such words; bitches and hoes. How many young black females have you heard refer to their friend as “my bitch” proudly? So women are portrayed and name-blasted as being hoes, all day long on the radio and, and so many young women are okay with it. In fact, the hip hop culture today is very sexually active, along with many new drug and alcohol creations to enhance the sexuality between people who love hip hop. Folks are even popping Mollies to be sweating. Woo. The exact words I make when I notice that Hip Hop has completely smashed any idea of wife-ing, marrying, or creating any longevity with a woman a man is sexually involved with.

He can’t “catch feelings”, because according to many famous hip hop lyrics, catching feelings for a woman is “prohibited”. While Yo Gotti completely makes it clear that his baby mama gets no “Second Chance” at being in a relationship with him on his recent mixtape CM7, we’ll continue to see bad breakups on the front page of TMZ, showing the heavy regard some of our favorites in hip hop just don’t have for black women. This is what it is.

Numbers have spiked in single parent households and CDC reports gave us this gruesome discovery that 72 percent of black children were born out of wedlock in 2009. So, somewhere kids are being born without a care or the knowledge of the “importance” of marriage. I’m just going to say it for what it is. Shawty- Lo is not in complete blame for his new controversial reality show. The women who at one point saw “child” and “popular rapper association” before “marriage” should wear the shame as well. With my one child today at 30, I understand that it’s nothing cute about being called or labeled a “baby mama”. How dare you take yourself the creator of a child, such a blessing, there through day and night, second by second, checking minute by minute, providing, laughing, playing, crying, consoling rights of being something so beautiful like a mother, and wear the nametag “Baby Mama”? You must be out of your damned mind, if you believe that title is worthy of all of the work you put in as “mom”.

So with all of this said, can we make the conclusion that a lot of young African American men carry the mindset of our favorite “street rappers”, placing money, lust, and other things over monogamous relationships with women, including the mother’s of their children?


What’s the ruler of music genres over young African American men between the ages of 18-30? Hip Hop correct? So here we have a world full of “baby fathers” who have been musically trained to be cold heartless “partners. I mean God forbid a man falls head over heels in love for a woman, he’s crossed all macho lines according to hip hop lyrics. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I fully believe that the many ring less single mothers around the world must give thanks to the catchy rap lyrics that forbid their chance to be loved by a man their age.

Some hip hop continues to help place women, especially African American women, in this tacky ratchet like box. Some – not all. Thank you Lupe, for trying to steer so many lost women in the right direction with your 2011 single, “Bad B*tch”, but we need some more steering work.

I’m challenging all women to settle for nothing but the best. If that means pumping the brakes of the sexiest rap star with visual cash flow, from getting in your bed, do so. Don’t’ be so hip hop predictable. Let’s stop becoming parents off of sexual attraction.

Let’s not fall victim.

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FairyTale Rap: Why I Can’t Respect Rappers Who Falsify Their Image

7 Dec

What they sell is a “trap” to young people involved in street activity.

Without a doubt, I believe that I could visit every hood across the U.S. and ask every boy under the age of 16 who their favorite rapper is right now and they’ll name someone who told a story of “beating a treacherous street life” and now they’re wealthy, in the company of women from all over the world.



Now, let me give you a brief hood history lesson. A great percentage of young AA teenagers in the poorest areas of major cities across the U.S. (AT THE VERY LEAST) get high off of marijuana, drink, have sex, have gang affiliation (whether they’re in it; it’s a neighbor or classmate), has assaulted someone before, and countless other things. I didn’t grab this information from a history book, I took it from observations. Not only that, I grew up in the streets. This is what I remember.

Moving right along.

So, these kids are actually living under these conditions. True- some of them are choosing this lifestyle, while others are sort of a product of negligence, with parents who exist in the flesh but don’t in their presence. In other words, their parents don’t give a fuck or can’t give a fuck, because of their lifestyle (drug, alcohol or whatever addictions).

Welcome to the hood.

So, here you have this generation of AA and minority young people, whom also make up so many of the 106 N Park viewers, soaking in the lyrical and visual talent of the worlds “greatest emcees” – over and over and over again. Why? Because the urban radio stations – adored by this same group play the same sh+t over and over and over (you get the point).

So, this music these rappers make for the “masses” sort of entail these stories where the artist used to dabble in the “crime/street/drug life” and now they bask in a luxurious lifestyle of success. Who is watching? Children who don’t have any direction to start. I can’t respect a “fairytale rapper”, because too many children are actually losing their life on the streets, where no luxury lives. Too many ended up in this lifestyle due to no opportunity, so a rapper with opportunity must do better.

Now I’m not denying the rappers whom actually involved themselves in high risk criminal activity by default, now rap about moving past these issues. No, I’m not speaking on them. I’m speaking on the rappers who never did any of that, but plan on painting a picture to the masses, just because of what their “voice” sounds like or how they look/dress.

I can’t respect a fairytale rapper because most of them are AA men. Do you know how many AA role models the streets are missing right now and here these guys go? Why paint an image in your music that you went through something, while trying to offer guidance, but you never was “there”?

I can’t respect a fairytale rapper, because their art is what waters down the hip hop industry. The stories have no validity, because any man can grow a beard, a belly, learn slang and spit street music, but the person behind the words doesn’t exist.

I can’t respect fairytale rapper, because hip hop started out as an art that required no “story” effort. The be-boxers and street-corner rappers simply rapped about everyday things and the art was formed. Natural art requires no thought preparation, because memories live within. True ones at least.

Seems to me, that it’s all about who got the most money, most hoes, most jewelry, most drugs, cars, and other things that can go with us in the dirt. There is a huge identity crisis going on with grown ass men rappers. So, how the hell are these guys leading the youth with music lyrics?

I don’t know, but I can’t respect it. Now, I must say, even some of my favorite rappers are probably falsifying their image, I haven’t seen any completely valid proof as of yet. So, I suppose I treat all story-telling artists “innocent until proven guilty”, when it comes to their previous lifestyles. *side eye*

I just can’t respect it, so I checked the issue.

Feel free to comment. What do you think?

I Watched A Woman Kill Her Daughter……

2 Oct

 I watched a woman kill her daughter.

No lie.

Right before my very eyes. The baby didn’t stand a chance.

She was only twelve, and extremely beautiful. The look of pure innocence.

And every single day….I saw her “womanhood” fading away.

She was being murdered by her mother. Every single day of her pre-teen livelihood.

This is what I saw —


I saw her mother glorify her “outer appearance” instead of her inner talents. She bragged about the beauty on the outside of her daughter :: instead of the beauty life and smarts was creating in the inside.

She was ripping her esteem into shreds.

I saw her mother make mistakes and choices at the 6th grade conscious level – over and over – without a care or explanation in the world to tell her daughter . She kept her guessing. She kept her daughter lost.

She was ripping her morality into pieces.

I saw her mother imitate Jessica Rabbit, by seducing any silly rabbit fool who fell victim to her “manipulating” spider web  – of using her body for cash and her looks for look-outs. She flaunted her sex workers in the company of her own daughter.

She was slicing her daughter’s idea of “love” into bits of nothings.

I watched her mother slam doors – opportunities – and attempts of her child’s “so-called” deadbeat father – cutting off any desire for a “father figure” – burning inside of the soul of the pre-teen girl.

She pumped two shots into the child’s sense of “respect for herself”..

I watched a woman kill her daughter.

She killed every bit of  joyous celebration the child could ever begin to develop.

She killed every sense of “the right” thing , necessary for a young woman to understand in order to be a great woman.

Now the society is left to pump life into what the mother took from her own daughter.

I hope what you learned from this short story is simply not to judge but for us women to watch our actions in front of our daughters. Not up to the fathers. Its up to us.

I often have to even remind myself :: by far I am not perfect.

Let’s not kill our daughter’s precious jewel filled insides. Let them be amazing ::  as God planned.

Love our daughters.



Why Black People Piss Me The F+ck Off When It Comes To HIV/AIDS

11 Sep

First let me give you my reason for such a SPARK of a converstation:

There was a woman murdered just a day or so ago – by a man she disclosed her HIV status to. While we don’t know many details like 1) Was the sex unprotected? 2)Was this their first time having sex with one another? 3)Had her mate “ever” been tested before? 4)What was his status?

All we know is a woman said after sex:

“I’m HIV positive.”

And she was stabbed to death. Blood everywhere.

The man accused of killing her, literally had a moment of insanity and acted immediately upon her disclosure.

Now. You ask me why I’m reliving this article and I say to you – I am so tired of the world choosing to ignore the actual knowledge, language, and true factual science behind a virus that has been hurting our people for decades.

I am tired of people doing write ups on subjects they have no earthly clue about – and choose not to learn about.

The article went on to state that – the woman who was visciously killed had two children – 7 and 8 years old. The man that she had children with – was interviewed – and told reporters :

“She gave me HIV also.”

The person writing the damn article wrote that in the article as well.

Not giving a fuck that the man killed the woman and stated:

“She killed me so I killed her.” (right ignorantly put)

Not giving a fuck that he hadn’t even been tested  to make the child’s father’s “ALSO” make any fucking sense.

Follow me.

See the stigma and miseducation in pieces like this??? How could you not. It makes no sense. But since America is so shook in their boots behind the word “HIV”

1)They’d rather type articles up like this that sound pure foolish.

2)Blurt whatever a heart full of fear thinks about HIV; spitting out incorrect statements about its science and transmission.

Here is FACTS:

1)When the woman admitted she had HIV- her partner (the man who stabbed her to death immediately) did not know his HIV status.

2) If you are ever in a worst case scenario – as this one – and slept with a person who admits to you they are positive the NIGHT of the sexual encounter – YOU can go to your local emergency room – and be TESTED, as well as given a HIGH dosage of HIV/AIDS medications to decrease your risk of being infected at such an EARLY stage (didn’t know that huh?)

3) The man stated “She killed me. So I killed her.” INCORRECT. Although, giving someone HIV is a gruesome and totally wrong act – HIV in 2012 is NOT a death sentence. You’d be surprised how many people you know who have this virus. Protect yourself – but know your facts.

But moving right along –

Black people piss me the f+ck off when it comes to HIV/AIDS Education.

You know why?

Cause we’re the ones I serve at work. We’re the ones coming in here – the mothers – the fathers – brothers – sisters – children – and even babies – with these new diagnoses – ASHAMED of what they are to their families.

We are turning our own backs on our own blood – not giving a fck about educating ourselves to say – “Well, damn – I’ve known my brother all my life – why do I need to stay away from him? Not touch, hug him? Let me learn more about this virus.”

We turn our nose up at the man with HIV – not understanding we’re raising young promiscuous little girls – with afternoon eyes glued to their television screens at the video chicks they want to be like. Not understanding that we turn our nose up –  yet set our girls up to meet a man who has HIV – but he’s too “hip” and has too much “swag” – to get a job – which in return will give him health insurance to stay on top of his health.

Or he’s too full of swag to go into a free clinic and get a check up.

They are out here. We see them every single day.

Free clinics are in your neighborhood – and DSS workers are walking around your neighborhood with condoms begging you to use them – and what happens?

Chlymydia rates continue to rise. Syphillis numbers go up. Teenage pregnancies continue.

But yet we have so many (twitter) jokes about it huh?

Don’t even know your own status yet you clown the known status of another human being.

“As long as I dont say the word HIV or be around anyone I know who has HIV I’ll be okay.”

But – “I’ll f+ck a bunch of bad b+tches – my girl can have a girlfriend – I’m a paid side b+tch – all I want is his di+ck and his money – I ain’t got the AIDS – but let me point and laugh at who has is – I’mm a treat n+ggas how they treat me – I love raw sex – I can give the best head –


Meanwhile, men prison rates of transmitting the virus is going up.

So many carry it. Its the mindframe that so many adapt from music and entertainment. Still people have to be begged to be tested. Our people. My black people.

Men leave prison with a virus that its no way in HELL they can tell anybody abouteveryone will look at them funny.

Their girlfriend of many years – in whom is providing somewhere for him to come to once he gets out – may leave him.

He’ll keep it a secret.

And it will become a secret weapon of mass destruction – infecting whoever wants the “D”.

What in the John Brown HELL is wrong with my people?

Folks better wake up.

There are free HIV testing sites EVERYWHERE – that are of NO cost to whomever.

Boy, girl, man, woman, child.

No insurance needed. Take this link and LEARN more about a virus that is affecting atleast ONE person in your family.


It only makes perfect sense to do so.

Thank you.

Bill Clinton’s Speech: An Easy Recap For A Clearer Understanding

6 Sep

Hello people.

I thought this blog post would be helpful for your voting perceptions. I mean – some of us have the eyeballs of children – that wonder – and can’t seem to stay focused on a television show or movie for that matter.

Maybe you missed the speech – and just want a heavy hitting highlighted recap of what was said.

I mean, Bill Clinton used speech tactic of pure genius. He not only balanced genuine personality – and humor – but he laid facts and clear understanding of the policies the Republican party to those who may not understand all of the “political jargon”.

I’m here to deliver them to my people.

I think its pretty important that you understand CLEARLY what he said.

Just so that you can march up to the polls on November 6th (or early voting) – and fill in your ballot with a “sure” conscience”.

This is just a list of statements provided by President Clinton – A MUST SHARE.

1. Clinton began confirming the head-on-straight – sensical personality our current president – Barack Obama owns. He joked but remained serious about Obama’s “Cooperative” personality. He stated that Obama was 1) Still committed to constructive cooperation – just like when he was elected in 2008

2) He gave examples of his “Constructive Cooperation” – by listing many Republicans and opponents Obama appointed to handle things during his administration:

  • Obama appointed Republican secretary of state defense, army, and transportation.
  • Obama appointed the VP who ran against him in the primary back in 2008 as trusted overseas that troops returned from the war in Iraq (Joe Biden)- who in return successfully completed his duties and promise of bringing troops home.
  • Obama appointed several members of the Cabinet who actually supported Hillary.
  • Obama even appointed Hillary Clinton – another opponent – to the National Security Team.

WHAT DID THIS PROVE? – These descriptions of “Constructive Cooperation” signaled out to the world that  – and I quote (Bill Clinton) – “Democracy doesn’t have to be a blood sport, but an honorable enterprise that advances the public interest.”

Bill touched on how Michelle Obama and Joe Biden were deeply dedicated to supporting military families, and veterans of war – in search of needs and care. He topped this portion of the speech off with this phrase “Inclusion Partnership Over Partisanship”

Bill then did the UNTHINKABLE – almost a #DNC2012 Slam Dunk.  He gave the Republican Party’s argument for re-election.

Their Argument To Be Re-Elected“We left him(Barack) a total mess. He hasn’t cleared it up. Fire him and put us back in.”

(if that doesn’t make you laugh…)

Bill Clinton tells us that the Republicans want to do this:

  1. Implicate the same policies that put us into a mess.
  2. Cut taxes much higher than Bush.
  3. Increase defense spending 2 trillion times more than what the Pentagon even requested.

Bill doesn’t produce a biased speech – no he actually goes on to praise Republicans who were with the idea of “Constructive Cooperation” – that he had worked with in his past.

  1. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to integrate Little Rock High School.
  2. President Eisenhower also built the Interstate Highway system
  3. When Clinton was governor, he worked with Reagan in the White House on the welfare reform.
  4. Clinton worked with Bush on National Education goals as well as National Disaster.

“Solving problems – seizing opportunities, and not fighting.”

“Politics of consistent conflict is good, but good politics doesn’t work in the real world. In the real world , what works is “cooperation”.


  1. Enormous cuts in programs that help middle class & poor children

Meaning, things like Pre-K, food nutrition programs that provide healthy lunches in schools/snacks for your children, parks, recreation – all of the things our future needs to be strong-minded and successful adults.

Here is Obama’s Re-Election Argument (explained by Clinton):

  • Obama inherited a deeply damaged economy. On his journey on a long road of recovery, he laid foundation for a modern – well-balanced economy – that will provide new jobs – new businesses – and the idea of “shared prosperity”.
  • Obama admits that the economy is NOT where we need to be, and that he is NOT satisfied with stopping now.
  • When Obama started the economy was in a “free fall” – losing 750,000 jobs a month.
  • With Obama’s Recovery Act – once it kicked in – the job losses stopped. Things began to turn around.
  • Taxes were cut for 95% of the American people.
  • In the last 29 months – 4.5 Million private sector jobs have been created. Even with the Republican’s “buying out” Obama’s job plan – costing us 1 millions jobs.


Bill goes on to give reference to the other outstanding marks Obama has made during his first term:

  • 4.5 Million new private sector jobs
  • The highest increase since the 1990’s of manufacturing jobs – created by saving GM and Chrysler
  • Currently 250,000 MORE people working in the auto industry than before
  • Begun the plight of making our economy energy independent – which will eventually cut everyone’s gas (transport) bills in half – by doubling our car mileage.
  • Renewable energy has doubled.
  • Although there are more jobs to create, there are 3 million jobs that are open and need to be filled – Obama plans to support Employers and Community college to get our economy to fulfill these job openings.
  • Obama’s plans pass the “Arithmetic” test as well as the “Values” test.
  • Currently, we have been demoted on the list of “Percentage of Young People With Degrees” to 16th in the nation. With Obama’s Student Loan Reform Act – this will change.

Here is a closer look at the Obama Student Loan Act and what it will do for our economy:

  1. Lower rates of student loans for students – offering a fixed rate up to 20 years.
  2. No one will have to drop out of college due to the inability to pay back student loan debt.
  3. Teachers, firefighters, etc will be able to accept modest jobs – and will not have to turn them down due to small salaries – because their college debt will determine their salary.

Classic quotes pertaining to what Obama has done (via Clinton)

“With all of my heart, I believe.” – Bill Clinton

In summary, the Republican party deems Obama’s Healthcare plan as a “disaster”. Eh? Well Obama-Care – as they jokingly describe it will do this for your families :

  1. You children between 19-25 – still in college – will be able to be covered on your healthcare plans.
  2. Seniors will still be able to receive services via Medicare – to stay up to date with preventative care screenings etc.
  3. Insurance companies will try to compete and in result lower their premiums offered to clients.
  4. People with pre-existing conditions will not be turned away for insurance.
  5. Medicare will get a longer life term securing it until the year 2024

If Romney’s elected – this is what will happen to Medicaid/Medicare ( a huge service our  young poor children and seniors depend on).

  1. Medicare will go broke 8 years earlier than planned by Obama – it will end in 2016.
  2. People with pre-existing conditions will be turned away.
  3. Our senior citizens will not be able to get all of necessary preventative services they need to increase life longevity.
  4. Our poor children will be fighting for health insurance.

Other  plans of the Romney camp include:

  • Reducing debt by giving a 5 trillion tax cut to upper class – and doing away with tax loopholes. Things like tax write-offs will not be available – charity donations etc.
  • In result of cutting taxes on the upper class and substituting that cost with doing away with “tax loopholes” – the middle class tax bill will go up an average of $2,000 per year.
  • Cuts to things like clean air, national park, Pell grants, children nutrition will go in effect.
  • The economy will weaken at a frightening pace.

Things you must remember before heading to the polls.

  1. Before Clinton came into office – American Debt had been quadrupled by Republicans in office.
  2. The Republicans did not value to the lesson of “Arithmetic” failing to produce numbers that add up.
  3. In the last 2 years – Healthcare – of all Americans has been under 4% FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 years.
  4. Since 1961 – Republicans have ruled in office 28 years to the Democrats – 24 years. In a total of 52  years – 66 million private sector jobs have been created. So what’s the score? Republicans created 24 million of those jobs – Democrats created 42 million. (That’s nearly double)
  5. Poverty, discrimination, and ignorance restricts growth.
  6. All In This Together – Democrats / You Are On Your Own! – Republicans

Now ‘ not here to sway your vote – but I do understand that people need things outlined for them in a way that they can truly consume it all – understand it.

Now make your way to the early voting polls or BE EXTREMELY ready on November 6th to put someone in office who values the American values, ethics, cooperation, and family.

VOTE WISELY. The future is counting on you.

Dear Dope Boy

27 Aug

Dear Dope Boy

So, street corners don’t spare feelings.

You know that.

There were risks outlined when you began – but you know that.

You picked up a bunch of “homies” and friends along the way – but you’re always questioning them. Living your life on the edge wouldn’t even be proper terminology – because you and I both know there are no boundaries in this “dope boy” hustle. So let me begin.

So you’re written off.


Can you believe it?

Some of you aren’t even 16 years old yet. You’re written off by the politicians who tell the world that you are the ones trashing our neighborhood – with petty priced drug creations – igniting useless crime amongst brothers of your same class.

You’re a creation of your environment.

The closed doors killed your hope. Being prejudged sparked your anger. Being less fortunate built your ambition, but most importantly the struggle built your tough endurance.

Its time you understand this. Its time you see your value, and its time for you to come out of the “trap”. The trap is an illusion – it isn’t a building made of natural and man made material . Its a “state of mind”. Its a caged perception of the future – its the dark tunnel that makes it hard for anyone to see the measure of their true potential.

Money comes fast – but it comes with consequences.

Charges are multiplying – and the only person taking score is the district D.A.

So what are you going to do?

Listen. I don’t think you understand your power. You’ve learned the actual art of manufacturing – except by playing with devil’s candy. You’ve learned how to dodge a business world full of snakes – set out to do you harm –  by adapting to survival techniques that no “cradled” child given everything by mommy/daddy – could have learned. You’re so 1up on the world – that you must take a safe time to exit your lifestyle. You learned math – in huge quantities. You learned the art of barter and exchange – down to a tee.

Numbers cant get by you incorrectly. You became a human calculator – and learned a HEAVY deal in “saving” and “stashing” for a rainy day. Although your morning may begin with heavy phone calls, by a nuisance crowd of addicted individuals – you learned the arts of ful-filling a customer’s needs in a timely manner.

Leave it to me to pull out the positives from a negative situation.

I know the money long – but the hustle is wrong. It eventually will put you in a place where you will never advance to your highest level of success. The world will not allow this type of hustle to “lift” you. It will only thin you out. It will make you thin – and then begin its destruction on those close to you. Your family. Your children.

While you live a life – watching every corner – every second – you’ve actually conditioned yourself to withstand the mightiest forces of any “corporate world’s” ups and downs – but instead of men in dress pants and ties – you were trained by take the blows of other dope boys in baggy jeans and white tees. It’s 2012.

Federal indictments are at the hands of many political officers who want  desperately want convictions.

Charges are carrying heavier consequences and extra months – and Federal court room sentencing feels equivalent to modern day legal “lynching”.

The prison time consequences are coming with so many months – that the intergrity and loyalty of men who swear they’d never “squeal” in an interrogation room is now being questioned.

The ONCE bravest heart on the street corner – is now becoming an employee of drug investigations – providing all detail necessary to clear his own case.

What are you going to do?

Will you continue to use all of your golden learned behavior – in the company of powdered substance and/or basement manufactored cannibus or pills? Or will you take your learned behavior and invest it in a more safer – legal – product business – keeping you available always to the ones who truly NEED you out here with them?

Only two doors and thats death and prison.

But if you trade in your product – and keep all of the things you’ve picked up – while living such a life – you have the opportunity to use the things you’ve learned to bring your family revenue for a lifetime.

Minus the funeral bells and the obituaries.

Dear  Dope Boy


Switch Up Your Hustle – like your life depends on it.

Because it does.